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Bungee Jumping is an exciting and thrilling adventure sport that is a must for all ages, but before you go on a your adventure, here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the sport you are about to venture into. Bungy jumping  0 Comments
World-Famous Heroes Did you know- John Akii-Bua put Uganda, an obscure country which had never won an Olympic award, on the world map when he, surprisingly, captured the gold medal in the 400m hurdles at the Summer Olympics in West Germany. In Munich’72, Mr.  1 Comment
Whenever one sees a picture of a hut, one thinks of Africa. Indeed, huts have been the defining architectural hallmark of Africa, and throughout the continent, they have been the preferred building style. Huts are a form of living space. Huts are usually round,  0 Comments
Mozambique – A New Democracy in Africa Independence Did you know- In the mid-1970s, like Seychelles (Africa), Suriname (South America), Guinea Bissau (Africa), and Papua New Guinea (Oceania), Mozambique became an independent nation on the Planet.Following over three centuries under Portuguese rule, Mozambique, a  0 Comments
  Beaches in some places in the world are more beautiful than the others. Such are the beaches of Africa. The beaches of Africa on the Indian Ocean are ideal for tourists because the water is warm and ideal for surfing and water sports.  0 Comments
Most people get stuck on the ladder of career advancement just because they lack the skills of effectively managing their boss. For those experiencing retardation in their career despite having the skills required to succeed, they need to review their relationship with their boss.  0 Comments

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